If you have visited Disneyland in the last 15 years you may have noticed a trend. What are all of these guests wearing around their neck? And why are they trading them? Many guests and Disney fans alike have become enamored with a hobby, Disney Pin Trading.

Pin trading was introduced to the Disney Theme Parks in 1999, as an interactive guest experience leading up to the “Countdown to the Millennium”. Character, attraction and movie themed pins were released as collectible items in limited quantities for guests to purchase as souvenirs or collectibles.  Interaction with Cast Members, or trading, is an opportunity for guests to have something else to look forward to and enjoy while traveling through the parks.

These days at the parks Cast Members and guests wear lanyards with pins around their necks as a symbol to other collectors/traders that they are ready to trade. Any guest is invited to approach a Cast Member and view their pins for trade. If the guest has a pin they want to trade, they are able to make a trade with the Cast Member for one they desire. Check out this link to Disney’s Pin Trading Etiquette: http://www.disneyparksmerchandise.com/parksauthentic/disney-pin-trading-guidelines-for-guests/

Pins and lanyards are available for purchase in just about every shop at Disneyland Resort.

  • They range in price from 5.00-20.00
  • Characters, movie and attraction related pins.
  • Common to rare limited releases.
  • Lanyards are offered in an array of colors, lengths and themes.
  • The price point makes them fun and easy to pack travel souvenirs.

Many guests enjoy purchasing items and creating their own show and tell of their favorites to wear while visiting the parks, it becomes a conversation piece and opens up opportunity to meet other guests.

Perhaps the next time you visit Disneyland you can join in the fun and meet some new friends. Or maybe you are a veteran collector and trader and you can help some first timers enjoy a little extra magic while at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Happy trading!

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