Welcome to “What’s In My Bag”! All three of the Disney Darlings will be posting their Disneyland essentials for when they take a trip to the parks from their own personal perspective.

To understand this perspective, I seldom go to Disneyland for an entire day. I often go for a few hours or to get content to update the website. I am a college student that enjoys taking photos, but I am not a serious photographer at all. Here’s what’s in my bag.



  • To discover what’s in my bag, we must first start with the bag itself. I can get kind of picky with purses, especially when going to the parks. Although it might seem like I want to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me, big bags are such a hassle. Whether it’s trying to bring them on a ride with you or digging around for something, I have found that a medium crossbody purse works best for me. Luckily for me, my boyfriend knew that before I did and gave this purse to me as a gift. It has three main compartments and an open pocket in the front that I usually just put my keys in. The compartments lay flat but expand a lot, so I can stuff quite a bit in there if I need to. The leathery material also works well for wet rides! I don’t have to worry about water soaking through and damaging whatever is inside, so I can put electronics in there if I need to. You can find my exact purse here.
  • Also, I prefer this crossbody bag over a backpack for just convenience reasons. It might sound silly, but I really like not being having to take my bag off to get my pass, money, or whatever else I need. All I have to do is unzip one compartment and it’s right there.


  • Of course, it’s a necessity. My purse has a compartment that works like a wallet so I usually don’t carry a wallet anymore, but I also understand most of you do and I still occasionally do. My only tip: if you are going to keep your ticket/annual pass in your wallet, make sure it’s easily accessible when you need to get it out quickly for a FastPass or to enter the parks (we don’t have the luxury of having it all on our wrist).
  • For when I do carry a wallet, it’s much simpler keeping my annual pass in a separate zippered pocket so I don’t have to take my wallet completely out of my purse.


  • I used to just use my phone for pictures to save space in my bag, but some magical moments need better quality and phones die very quickly. I received the Sony A5000 as a Christmas gift and I honestly feel like it’s the perfect camera for me. It’s lightweight and although I’m still learning all the functions, it’s easy to use. I actually don’t even keep this in my purse, I wear it like my crossbody bag for convenience, but I can fit it in my purse if I’m going to ride Splash Mountain.

Portable Battery Charger

  • This has saved my life on multiple occasions. Well, my phone’s life. I highly recommend buying one of these, even if it just holds enough for one battery charge… it’s so worth it! Most places that sell electronics sell these, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and even Amazon, just to name a few. I always keep this in my purse along with an extra cable because you just never know. The prices range for these depending on how much energy you want to store. My little battery holds a little over a full charge and only cost about $15. I charge it at night while I’m sleeping along with my other electronics. Here’s a great list of great portable battery chargers that range in price, capacity, and style.

Water bottle

  • Ok, so I gave into some of the hype at my university and bought a Nalgene water bottle. Honeslty, I love it. It’s a good size, shape and has a good insulation. Also, I’ve had problems in the past with water tasting funny after being in a bottle for a while, but I have not had that problem yet with this bottle. The mouth is also big enough to put ice in, but you can also buy an accessory so the water does not splash on your face. You can find my exact water bottle here.
  • I like taking a water bottle because it’s free and important to stay hydrated, especially while waiting in lines in the heat. Disneyland also has water fountains located around the park and water filling stations located at the Rancho Del Zolaco Restaurante located in Frontierland, the Plaza Inn Restaurant at the end of Main Street on the way to Tomorrowland, and by the Mint Julep bar in New Orleans Square. If I’m missing any water filling stations, please comment below and let me know!


  • So I sometimes do this and sometimes don’t. It’s more of a thing when I want to save a few bucks or I am only going to the parks for a few hours and don’t want to stop to eat. My trips are usually short and often, so I’ll usually throw in a granola bar or if I have a few minutes to spare, make a pb&j. Just make sure that if you’re going to do this and you are going to the park with a friend, bring a snack for them too! If I forget to bring a snack, I usually have to bite the bullet and get a dole whip or a corn dog. Don’t you just hate it when that happens. 😉

Things pictured, but not listed. I feel like they don’t need much of an explanation

  • Chapstick
  • Sunglasses
  • Hair-Tie

Well, there you go folks. That is what’s in my bag when I go to the parks. Stay tuned for other posts from Julia and Danielle!

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