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Obviously this is my bag when I’m WITHOUT three kiddos. We do our best to make the most out of a day at the parks.

1. The Bag

I prefer a cross body with a lot of pockets. I like to be able to find what I need quickly, which brings me to…

2. The Mustache Zipper Bag

I got this bag from Augie and Lola  and it is my lifesaver daily. Because my purses are a little on the large side, it helps me keep track of the smaller items in my bag:

  1. Chapstick/Lip gloss/Lipstick for all occasions. Don’t judge me. I can’t stand having dry lips, so I like to have options!
  2. Hand lotion
  3. Tylenol- This is ESPECIALLY necessary if we’ve had a stressful/extra long drive in, and want to head straight to the parks. Plus, it’s nice to not need to go to the First Aid center. (However, should you find yourself in need of advil/ibuprofin, use the First Aid centers.)
  4. Hand sanitizer because, germs.
  5. Bobbie pins
  6. A pen- because who knows when/if you’ll need one!

3. Charger

I also have a portable charger like Lucy, however it’s not pictured here. There are outlets in places around Disneyland, so I bring both just in case.

4. Sunscreen

I’m pretty fair skinned. This was the ONE thing I forgot at the hotel during our last trip and I got a sweet sunburn. Always sunscreen

5. Glasses Case

Darkwing Dad wears glasses/sunglasses, so I keep this around when we take on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, etc.

6. Snacks

Because who knows how long your wait at Carnation could be if you haven’t made a reservation?!? Hanger isn’t fun.

NOT PICTURED: Sunglasses (this is California, after all), Portable charger, Water bottle, & a hair tie.

When I have kids with me, I have a bigger cross-body bag, and:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes (LOTS because everyone makes messes)
  • Sippy Cups/Lots of Waterbottles
  • LOTS of snacks

Do you have a MUST BRING item in your bag that we haven’t written about?  We’d love to hear about it!

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