Good morning and welcome to another week!

As many of you know, I happen to love all things related to Social Media. I am often looking for those brands that stand out and create thoughtful engaging content. Well over the weekend, I had my mind blown with some very creative interactions from @disneylandtoday (That is Disneyland’s twitter page). While some of you might think I am a little bias, hear me out. What I about to show you is pure creative genius from Disneyland Today.

Currently climbing the charts is the popular song, Uptown Funk. While it’s not a family friendly song, it is still very catchy. Well there is a lyric in there that says, “I’m too hot, called a police and a fireman, I’m too hot, make a dragon wanna retire man”. Anyway, I had this idea to include those lyrics to a picture I recently took of the Fantasmic dragon, Murphy. Enjoy the cleverness and creativity of the Disneyland Today team and make sure you follow them on twitter!

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