It’s no secret that I was completely blown away by Disneyland Forever.  This show is full of an heart warming score of Disney beloved films, stellar fireworks, projections and laser. The show even features a few surprises in the sky! This show is not to  be missed and is a must! The major feature of this firework show is the new projections on Main Street, mist screens on Rivers of America, and of course the facade of “it’s a small world”.

I have seen the show a few time now and am working my way through different locations. The best viewpoint is the central hub area, however not every guest will fit there. I personally, recommend standing by the castle and the Matterhorn. That will still provide a unique view.  If that is taken, I really love standing at the end of Main Street by the flagpole, but you will not be able to see the Matterhorn. It become a give and take at that point. I would recommend in front of “it’s a small world” before choosing the Rivers of America location. The “it’s a small world” location gives a larger than life view of the fireworks.

This show was designed to be seen multiple times and in different places! There’s just so much happening on Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Main Street USA building facades and even Matterhorn mountain that you forget to watch the fireworks exploding high in the sky.

Enjoy my photos below of Disneyland Forever!

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