A trip to Disneyland is already a huge treat for our kids, but in order to make it even more special (and to selfishly save our sanity on the 7+hr drive) we make treat bags for the two older girls.



1. PJs/Shirts/Outfit etc.

We always make sure to get one clothing item, just for fun, Typically it’s PJs for the car ride, but the girls are obsessed with ‘Big Hero 6’ so I had to get them these shirts from the Disney Store.

2. Play Packs & Stationary Kits

You can typically find the Play Packs in a variety of character themes in the “Dollar Spot” at Target. They are awesome! Each pack contains:

  • Stickers
  • Coloring/Activity book
  • Crayons

The packs also reseal, so you won’t end up with melted crayons all over.

The stationary kit (pictured next to the play pack) is something we’ve never gotten before. It has markers, stencils and paper inside.

3. Magnetic Drawing Board

These are my favorite. The girls love them, there’s no mess, and they’re cheap so if they get lost or left somewhere they’re easy to replace.

4. Glow Sticks

The dollar store or Wal Mart have THE BEST selection of glow sticks. They’re perfect for any night time spectacular or dark ride if your kiddo needs a little extra security. Pictured above is a glow wand, bracelets, and a princess necklace.

5. Water Bottle

Self explanatory. Kids get thirsty.

6. Over-ear Headphones 

If you’d rather have a peaceful conversation with the other adult(s) in the car, plug the headphones into a tablet or portable DVD player. These hot pink beauties came from the Dollar Spot at Target for 5$ and are actually pretty great! Yes. I tried them out. Don’t judge.

7. Hand Sanitizer & Chapstick 

Again, self explanatory.

And finally…

8. Snacks

The only ones pictured here are the Frozen themed ring pops. Before we leave I typically get a box of GoGo Squeezes, Cheddar Bunnies, and cereal bars (NutraGrain Bars are too messy, I usually get Z-Bars or Plum brand Brownie ones instead). They’re great for in the car AND in the parks.

What do YOU pack for your kids that isn’t pictured here? We’d love to hear your tips!

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