Being someone who has traveled pretty frequently over the years I have acquired a few Travel Hacks that have helped me have a more organized and easier stay when away from home. These are a few generic and Disney specific hacks that might come in handy on your next trip.

  • Packing
  1. Use a separate bag/suitcase for shoes, keeps clothes from smelling or getting dirty.
  2. Fold clothes with tissue paper to avoid wrinkles.
  3. Keep outfits together in large zip lock bags, this allows kids to grab a bag and get ready in the morning with some independence.
  4. Under clothes and socks rolled and stored in zip lock bags, also helps when packing up soiled clothes at the end of the trip.
  5. Rolling clothes to save space, you can roll entire outfits together! We have used this and saved TONS of room in our luggage.
  6. Think out of the box and re-purpose containers for smarter packing. Like used pill bottles for q-tips, pot holders to wrap  hair straightening irons in, Tic-Tac containers for bobby pins, and contact cases for liquid make up.
  7. Don’t forget your Disney luggage tags from your Earmarked Disney Travel Consultant! ºoº

    Disneyland 60th Luggage tags from Walt Disney Travel Company.

    Disneyland 60th Luggage tags from Walt Disney Travel Company. Photo credit

  • House keeping 
  1. Most Disney hotels have laundry facilities onsite. You can wash and dry your clothes to save room on packing. Laundry detergents are available for purchase, and coin machines or card pay stations are available in laundry rooms onsite.
  2. Put away clothing, hang or fold in drawers, and store luggage (Bell services will actually store for you if you request). This will free up a lot of floor space. If you need more hangers feel free to request some from ‘mouse’keeping. (Please remember to tip your helpful hotel Cast Members!)
  3. Most hotel rooms have plastic trash bin liners or plastic bags for laundry service. Use these to take with you on your outings to store clothes that might get wet from activities or keep valuables dry from weather changes.
  • Comforts 
  1. Grocery deliveries. That’s right, you can order groceries and have them delivered directly to your Resort. Vons is a local store with an on-line ordering system designed for deliveries.
  2. Sometimes a small bite to eat in the morning with a cup of coffee, or a bowl of cereal for the younger crowd makes or breaks your rope drop experience.
  3. Forget something at home? Don’t worry, hotel concierge is there to help. If they do not have the items free of charge, they can direct you to the nearest sundries store.
  • Shipping
  1. Concerned about the price of checking luggage? Or weight and size constraints? Avoid all the airport troubles and just ship items to your resort.
  2. We have shipped food, beverages, liquid items too large to fly with, clothing, toiletries, new shoes; really we have shipped almost everything at one time or another to a Disney Resort.
  3. Items that you ship can be used up, discarded, or shipped home. Disney is great at getting packages to your room upon arrival and helping you ship home.
  4. Shipping home large purchases or souvenirs is a good alternative if you shopped a little more than you expected and don’t have enough room in your luggage for the journey home. Ask at the retail locations you purchase from if they offer shipping. Most onsite do for an additional fee.

Here’s to hoping you learned at least one new hack for your next vacation. And remember however you travel, be safe and do it well.

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