I have a confession to make, I am a huge foodie. Like a picture taking, yelp loving, noodle slurping foodie. So what does this have to do with Disney? Many of you either visit Disneyland for the day or for a weekend or more. As much as I love Disney food, sometimes I want to eat outside of the resort. If you take a quick glance around the area, there are a lot of food chains- which can be good. But what if I told you of about some of the greatest eateries around the resort? Delicious food that won’t break the bank! Well if this pique’s your interest- you are in the right place!

Most of these locations I am going to share are Cast Member favorites and are in walking distance or a short Uber away (If you don’t know what Uber is click here.)  These eateries are not listed in particular order, because they are all delicious for different reasons.

Top Anaheim Eats

The Pizza Press- located right across the street from Disneyland this is a delicious choice. Create your very own pizza and watch it be prepared right in front of you! I recommend getting “The Tribune”, but they have a lot of great selections. The location can be hard to find, but it’s right next to the Carousel Inn. Also here is an insider tip: You get a 10% discount if you are a Disney Pass Holder. For more information check out the yelp page here.

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Marri’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant This is a cast member favorite! Many times during my time with the mouse, we often had Marri’s cater. They have a great calzone and meat sauce! It’s nearby the resort and a good price. More info can be found on their yelp page here.

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M & M Donuts– This establishment is about two and a half mile west of Disneyland. Some people claim to wait as long as two hours for a box of blueberry glazed doughnuts. Of course as you read this, you are thinking “How could it be worth it?!”. Well let me take you on a journey, this is a roller coaster for your taste buds. The sticky, sugary wallop of still-warm glaze. The perfect crunch of a crisply fried exterior yielding to moist, fluffy cake. Every batch is cooked to order- fresh out of the fryer. Depending on when you come, the wait can be 5 minutes to 2 hours. However, it’s completely worth it. Check their yelp here for hours, since they vary. You will thank me for this!

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Joe’s Italian Ice– Another Anaheim favorite! This isn’t your average Italian ice! In fact, the soft serve ice cream is shipped from Pennsylvania, where it’s cooked at ultra high temperatures to give it a noticeably creamier, sweeter taste. I recommend the Joe Lattie- it’s the best of both worlds! It is your choice of Italian Ice, layered with real soft serve ice cream. It’s absolutely heavenly. For more information check out their yelp  here. thumb_600

Anaheim Packing District–  If you are from Southern California, you must check this place out. This is a unique dining experience. The two level Packing House has a central atrium with communal dining (think upscale food court). The dining is surrounded by cafes and kiosks featuring different foods and experiences.  My personal favorite places to eat are: Hans Homemade Ice Cream, The Kroft, The Iron Press, and Black Sheep Grilled Cheese Bar. Parking is limited, so I recommend carpooling or taking a uber or taxi. For more information check out their yelp page here.

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l (5)I am a huge coffee lover. So when it comes to good coffee, Starbucks does not cut if for me. This is why I always go to Ink and Bean.  They serve Stumptown coffee and make delicious lattes. Ink and Bean is a very unique place and a hidden Anaheim gem. For information, check out their yelp  here.

This will most likely be part 1, because I have only  scratched the surface of some great Anaheim eats. Let me know if you eat at any of these places and what you think!

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