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April 28th, 1946

Disney Studios runs an ad- “Walt Disney needs girl artists NOW!” in the LA Times. Some (including Meryl Streep) have accused Walt of being a gender bigot, but that’s just not true. To read an article that debunks that, click here.

Photo courtesy of Cartoonbrew.com

Photo courtesy of Cartoonbrew.com

April 29th, 2009 

Former Imagineers Rolly Crump, and the late Don Edgren are honored at Disneyland with Main Street windows. Friends & family, along with Marty Sklar and Disneyland Resort President Ed Grier are present for the ceremony before the park opens for the day.


Rolly Crump with his window.


Family of Don Edgren with his window.

April 30th, 1931

The Disney Studios complete a Mickey Mouse short entitled “The Moose Hunt”. It is the first cartoon in which Pluto is called by his name. It is also the first cartoon in which Pluto speaks.

May 1st, 1942

“Donald Duck Gets Drafted” (the first of many World War II shorts) is released.

May 2nd, 1964

Disney’s 4th World’s Fair exhibit “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” finally makes it’s debut after weeks of technical problems. Great Moments is still available to see at Disneyland.


May 3rd, 1969

Ground is finally broken for the California Institute of the Arts (A.K.A. CalArts) in Valencia, CA. CalArts was founded by Walt Disney when the Chouinard School of Music and The Los Angeles Conservatory merged in the early 60s. Many of Disney and Pixar’s best and brightest have passed through the halls of CalArts, including: John Lasseter, Tim Burton, Glen Keane, and many more.


May 4th, 1977

Space Mountain opens in Disneyland. Based on concepts by Imagineer John Hench, Space Mountain at Disneyland was designed by Bill Watkins. It is the second Space Mountain in existence, as the first one opened at WDW in January 1975. Also opening as part of the Space Mountain complex is the Starcade arcade, Space Place Restaurant and Tomorrowland Space Stage. (Space Mt will have an official grand opening May 27.)

Image courtesy of Robert T. via Flickr.

Image courtesy of Robert T. via Flickr.

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