Disney fans just about broke the internet this morning upon the stunning news that the Disney Parks blog released.

The rumors have been confirmed: The Hatbox Ghost will be returning to the Haunted Mansion this May.

Need to brush up on who this mysterious ghost is? Check this video out.

The Hatbox Ghost also appeared at the D23 Expo in 2013 in the Imagineering exhibit as a displayed animatronic.

Although fascinating, the presence of the Hatbox Ghost at the expo was also a little mysterious. Was this done just for fun? Or was it an actual mock up of what could be in store for us in the future?

Then, early this year, a window that looked very temporary appeared as riders were exiting the attic scene. The Disney Parks blog alluded to something hiding in the mansion in their post and DAPs Magic reported on it accompanied with a video.

Now here we are, anticipating the arrival of the Hatbox Ghost in May. Hopefully, guests of the Haunted Mansion will be able to see something similar to the animatronic that was featured at the expo, or who knows, maybe the Imagineers have something up their sleeve that will blow us away more than they already have.

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