With the recent restrictions on costumes at Disneyland, avid Disney lovers have found a new alternative that not only encourages creativity but fosters a whole new community: Disneybounding.

DisneyboundSince guests older than the age of 14 are not allowed to wear official costumes in the park (in order to not be confused with the actual face characters), Disney enthusiasts have worked around this limitation by dressing in clothing that embodies the color scheme of favorite characters. Bounders either wear their fashionable clothes as everyday attire or save it for dressing up nicely in the parks. A newcomer to this myself, I was quickly welcomed into a Facebook group where fanatics post their outfits. And already I have witnessed such positivity where other users reply with genuine compliments and even suggestions for additional bounds. Now that I have been exposed to this wonderful concept, I am more aware and spot other bounders in the park. It is always most interesting to see who people choose to dress up as.

There are so many different interpretations based on the unique tastes of every person. For example, some may choose to opt to dress as classic, retro Minnie Mouse or take it to a whole new level and depict Minnie with a punk rock vibe. Each person adds their own spin on the character and it is truly a wonderful thing to see. Some decide to dress as the classic characters, others princesses, some villains, and the devoted make sure to let the lesser known, secondary characters shine! Disneybounding allows for those who are a fan of any character to express their love as they do not need to rely on an official costume to celebrate. Couples dress as leading duos and even gender swap their outfits. I’ve personally seen a gender swap where the boyfriend dresses in colors associated with Ariel and the girlfriend emphasizing the colors Eric wears. Several bounders use what they already have in their closets while others either thrift for particular items or hand make beautiful garments. Disneybounding serves as an outlet for those who wish to express themselves and honor their favorite characters. When I bound, I feel a specialness of representing my chosen character everywhere I walk. In the park, some of the cast members will refer to me as my character and other bounders will come up to me and guess my outfit. It serves as a conversation starter while waiting in the lines and allows for fellow Disney lovers to get to know each other in person. When I post my outfits on the Disneybounding Facebook page, I have received several comments from those who were at the park and saw me from a distance. That is exciting to me and evokes a true sense of family, community, and connection. So for those who are interested in Disneybounding, go for it! There is no right or wrong as long as you are having fun. Be you and express your fandom for which ever character your heart desires!

To learn more about Disneybound and see more Disneybounding ideas, visit their site here.

Special thanks to our guest writier Breeana Kovelman for this article, and to Leslie Kay of Disneybound for the images.
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