Have you ever wanted to be Anna or Elsa from Frozen? Or be a part of the Haunted Mansion as a hitchhiking ghost? Maybe Star Tours or Pirates of the Caribbean are more your speed. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve always secretly wanted to be a Disney Villain. With the “Show Your Disney Side” App, you can be any one of these characters!

Earlier this month, Disney Interactive with Disney Parks & Resort debuted this new app, available free for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Show Your Disney Side app was created by one of the participants in the 2014 Disney Accelerator, an immersive mentorship and investment program, TYFFON. TYFFON is an entertainment app developer that is a technology-enabled startup in the media and entertainment field, which qualified them for the Disney Accelerator.

The app is so simple to use! Once you download the app, you can choose quite a number of characters to make your transformation into your Disney Side character. Make your selection, use their selfie camera, line up your eyes and mouth with their markers, and viola! You are transformed into one of your favorite characters from the Disney Parks.


You can personalize your character by using different costumes and frames. Once you have made your selections, you can tap or swipe the screen and your character will come to life with different special effects unique to your character! In my transformation to Captain Hook, when I tapped the screen, the crocodile from the movie Peter Pan was added.

Unfortunately, the set of Haunted Mansion characters require a bit more effort. These characters need to be unlocked and you can do so by two different methods. If you are in the parks, go to the Haunted Mansion attraction and open the app. Of course, you would need to have allowed the app to use your location for this to work. Don’t have access to the parks? No need to worry! The other method of unlocking these characters is to share two of your Disney Side characters to Facebook or Twitter. Since I wasn’t at the park, I shared my Disney Side characters of Maleficent and Jafar to Twitter.

With the Haunted Mansion being my favorite attraction, I had a good time playing around with these new characters. I’ve always wanted to see my head float around like Madame Leota and I surely got to see it. Other characters included are a Hitchhiking Ghost and a Singing Bust.


Tap the screen as Madame Leota to move your floating head around the screen

I was able to save my work directly to my phone and it was so easy to share them to Facebook and Twitter as well.

This app really allowed me to embrace my Disney Side and share a few laughs with my family and friends that I showed it to. That’s what my Disney Side is all about: sharing priceless moments with those I love.

Overall, this is a great interactive app from Disney Interactive with Walt Disney Parks & Resort. Can’t wait to use it at the parks too! I hope they add more special things to unlock around the park. I mean, I know Danielle would love to see some Skipper action and the backside of water. What would you like to see?

Go to http://DisneySideApp.com for the download.

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