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Our story  this week is from Mike who lives in Carson City, Nevada:

“Our memory comes from us believing that Disneyland helped save our marriage. Our family was broken and we were on the verge of divorce, my wife was going to move back with her folks with our son. Well in a sudden blind faith I quit my job and went with her, to become a stay at home dad. Well our problems did not go away and we stumbled around still having our issues, then my wife and I took a weekend to Disneyland just the two of us. And what happened was we talked… a few months later we went again with our son and we felt like a family again. There we talked and found our passion of our pop culture love of Disney. From there it sparked us. We took  an  other and an other trip each time finding that in those long lines we could just stand there and talk. We talked about us, our family, random things… and we fell even more in love then we had the years before. Since 2012 we have gone to Disneyland 12 different trips and each one drew us closer. We shared our 8,  9 and 10th wedding anniversary at the parks and on the 10th on of the cast members asked “how do you make it to ten years?” and we replied “Never grow up, we never thought we would have seen 8, but we started coming here each anniversary and it rekindled a dormant love of being silly.”  We have told many people that say why do you go to Disneyland so much that it saved our marriage, and as one of Walt’s dreams was to build a place that brought families together, I can testify that it works better then any marriage counseling. So next time your in one of those big lines put your phone down and look to who you are with and just ask a question, you got time and you will be surprised how quick the time goes by and the fun things you might learn about the other person, wither it is you  partner, child or friend. My magical memory is “Joy” and the “Warmth”  Disneyland gives me and my family, a place where we can be silly, but grown up. There is no better feeling.”


We are enjoying all the stories you are submitting! We have laughed and cried at so many of them. If you would like to submit your own magical story, click here.

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