This week’s magical memory comes from Anastasia Reveal.

“I was at Disneyland with my two small children ages 1 and 2 and was 6 months pregnant. I went with a friend but they wanted to do all the big rides that we were not able to ride. We stayed in Fantasyland and my 2 year old fell asleep and my 1 year old was very full of energy. So we bought popcorn from the Matterhorn popcorn stand and walked to the front of the castle were the gated grass area is. I parked my stroller and sat next to the stroller and let my 1 year old out to sit with me and enjoy some popcorn. then all of a sudden 3 ducks came out from the grass area to beg for some popcorn. My 1 year old fed them and then followed them into the grass area. For about a hour she played with those duck and rolled on the grass and had the time of her life. I could never forget this memory of my baby girl playing with ducks in front of the castle. Every time I go back to Disneyland I buy some popcorn and sit in the same spot and remember that moment.”



Thank you, Anastasia, for submitting that magical moment to us! We’ve enjoyed readingĀ all the stories that are being shared with us, and have laughed or cried with most of them. If you’d like to submit a memory, click here.

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