This week’s magical memory comes from Jace Perreault of San Jose, CA.

“In my family we have a tradition that was started by my grandma: The summer before a young prince or princess starts their first year of school they shall visit the happiest place on earth for their first time. This is a tradition that now spans 21 years and three grandchildren. I am the oldest at 21 followed by my brother 17 and my littlest munchkin aged 7. Which has lead to many a wonderful trip with myself and my brothers to Disneyland over the years. A truly magical time. In 2012 my grandpa Rusty was diagnosed with a very severe form of brain cancer, so in 2013 my brothers and I made 3 different journeys separately to visit my family and visit Disney. It was on my trip that my Nonna, Rusty, and I had the great privilege of driving the Mark Twain from the captains wheel house; An experience that will live on as the happiest of times in my life. That was in July/August, and my Rusty passed away in November of 2013. This will forever and always be my favorite Disney memory of all time, right up there with pulling the sword from the stone with [Rusty’s] help when I was nine, and always riding in the front of the monorail. Rusty may be gone but his legacy, just like Disney’s legacy lives on in me.




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