This week’s Remembering the Magic story comes from Stephanie Rodriguez:

“I will never forget the very first time my grandparents came to Disneyland with my siblings, mom, and I. It felt so magical the moment we stepped in the park. My grandpa wore my Mickey’s Sorcerer hat proudly as we entered the gates. My grandma fell in love with the Peter Pan ride. I think she even grew teary. Who doesn’t? I sure did, especially on the part with all the stars. That part is the magicalest part! It really feels like you’re in the sky. Star Tours with my grandparents was hilarious! My grandpa kept saying he felt like he was going to die. Indiana Jones was quite the adventure. The WHOLE entire time my grandma was laughing her head off. I couldn’t understand why. After the ride, I heard her apologize to the girl in front of us. She said she was so scared she pulled on the girl’s hair! (Yikes!) I was really happy the entire time we were there at Disneyland. It’s an honor and something special to be able to go to Disneyland with your grandparents. It’s definitely a day I will never forget!”

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Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing this magical moment with us! We are enjoying all the stories you are submitting! We have laughed and cried at so many of them. If you would like to submit your own magical story, click here.

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