“My husband and I spent some time working at Disneyland in 2007-2008. I worked Main Street stores & the dream squad for the year of a million dreams while My husband worked on the jungle cruise, we were only dating at the time but we had started a running joke about getting married on the Pirates of the Caribbean. We talked about how many people we could fit in a boat, when we would say our vows, and what we would wear. Our friends kept telling us how crazy we were and it would be amazing if we could pull it off. After some time and a move to Washington state when we finally decided to get married but the big question was should we actually do it? Should we get married On the Pirates of the Caribbean, The answer was of course YES! After years of joking about it we couldn’t find a reason not to do it! We made our plans quickly, we got engaged August 6, 2012 and decided to marry September 28, 2012 we didn’t have much time to plan but considering we weren’t having a normal big wedding we weren’t stressed. We still have friends and family that work in Disneyland so we immediately starting making phone calls, we had a friend who had been ordained that agreed to marry us, we had a few still working on POTC who could help us get everyone on the boat. Next was making sure we invited our family and friends, the total ended up being 26 people that we could fit on one boat.
We arranged to have a formal reception at the Jazz kitchen in downtown Disney because it fit in with the New Orleans theme. We worked on selecting our clothing, I wore a simple knew length white wedding dress that was lace and bead so I could still feel like a bride, my husband wore khaki linen pants a white dress shirt and a jacket.couplepirates
The day quickly approached and we made our way from Washington to California a few days before this gave us time to pick up our marriage license and do a few run throughs. My sister gifted us with lunch at club 33 the day before the wedding, it was the most amazing experience, I never thought I would get the chance to visit it at any point in my life one dream checked off the list.
We stayed at the Disneyland hotel so we could keep it all Disney and enjoy our honeymoon afterwards. We woke early to get ready and we were lucky enough to plan our wedding on one of the hottest weekends, it was in the low 100’s good thing we were doing it as soon as the park opened.
We had several family member who joined us in the moment and we all met at the Main gate so we could all walk together to the ride. It was such an exciting feeling, we had been through the gates so many times but this moment just had a little extra magic, I was so excited and jittery as we got in line for pirates, we stopped and posed for a few photos and got in order of how we wanted people to sit. Our friends who worked the attraction we’re ready for us to board and excited for what we were doing, we all sat in our spots and passed out the battery tea light candles we had so we could see better.
We waited till after the second drop, and then it was time. We said our vows in front of our most valued friends and family, there were tears and cheers, by the time we got to the mist of Davy Jones we were officially married! We couldn’t believe we had done it! It was truly magical. It’s an amazing feeling to visit and ride pirates and know that this is where we said “I Do” we love sharing the story with our friends and excited for when we can tell our children, what amazing bragging rights. People are still shocked when we tell them and we spent the rest the day telling everyone at the park although no one could believe we got away with it. My family is so in love with Disneyland, it holds so many magical moments for us but this is the absolute best. I can’t wait to see what the years will bring and what other adventures we will come up with while visiting Disneyland. As a I say “Always Dream.” -Kristie Bentaas PiratesWedding

Thank you Kristie for sharing this magical moment with us! We have enjoyed laughing and crying along with the beautiful memories that have been shared. If you would like to submit your own magical story, click here.

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