We wanted to take a second to talk to you guys about the Indiegogo fundraising campaign we started.

“AGAIN?? You keep posting on Facebook/Tweeting about it.”

Yes, again. We love you guys and want to be honest about this! Sometimes a post/tweet aren’t enough.

We started asking for donations through Paypal when the blog started to help with hosting costs. There were some issues with our host, that ended up costing us the majority of those donations. This brought us to the major realization that: Running a blog isn’t cheap!

Our hope is that the blog will not only be a source of joy to you, the readers, through covering events like the 24hr Disney Day, D23, & Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but that we can also make an impact in the surrounding Orange County community through events like CHOC Walk. We want to make magic in lives everywhere!

Danielle & Lucy are college students, I’m a full-time mom. We don’t make any money off of the blog, we do it because we love it. We believe that if our goal is reached, we will be set for the next TWO YEARS! And we won’t continue to ask for money. These donations will go to:

  • Hosting cost
  • Audio/video
  • Event fees
  • Travel
  • Community outreach

There are some fun perks available if you donate! You can see a detailed list on the site. 

If you can’t donate, we’d appreciate it if you would share our story and the Indiegogo link with friends and family! Many of you have done this already, and we are so so thankful. Thank you, also, to those who have already donated.

We are open to partnerships with local businesses, and have ad space for purchase which you can find out about through our PR/Advertising page if that is something you’re interested in. You can also contact Danielle at danielle@ernestpr.com

You can read more, and donate by clicking HERE.

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