Although the California is a little slow to get the memo: Fall is upon us! Which, of course, means cooler weather is just around the river bend. Here are some tips on how to keep your little ones toasty while enjoying a full day at the parks:

  • Layers, layers, layers! 

Put a long sleeve top/onesie underneath that cute Mickey Mouse shirt. That way, if the weather heats up, it can be easily removed or put on.

  • Bring extra sweaters & blankets
[Definitely bring extra stuff if you’re planning on seeing World of Color or Fantasmic; It gets cold near the water.]

If you plan on staying all day, consider getting a locker near the main gate for your extra stuff. It will still be easily accessible, but you can stay hands free as you explore.

  • Get some toasty treats

Our family’s favorites are hot chocolate & beignets from the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. However, when beignets are not available, a churro will do just fine.

Does your family do anything special to prepare for a Disneyland trip in cold weather? Leave us a comment!

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