As we’ve been recently planning our next Disneyland trip, I thought I’d share my opinion on kids skipping school for vacations, whether they’re Disney vacations or not.

My husband and I are majorly into making memories with our kids, especially Disney ones. We prefer to avoid the huge crowd seasons, which typically leaves us taking long weekends early in the year, etc. Our opinion is: “They’re only young once.” I’ve had many people tell me the older your kids get (or farther into school they get) the harder it becomes to steal time away.


We agree that if any of our kids are not performing up to the normal requirements for their grade level, we will absolutely not allow them to miss school for a trip. In the past, I have checked with our daughters’ teachers to make sure they’re progressing well, and to see what assistance we can provide them with to make up for lost classroom time. Their current school asks that if you plan on taking an absence longer than a day or two, to request independent study for the days you’re gone which I think that’s absolutely the way to go.

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment and tell us what you would do!

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