Darkwing Dad and I have three kids (6,4, and 1). Yes, we’re out numbered, but we’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way that make our Disneyland trips a little less stressful, and a LOT more fun.

1. If you have infant-preschool aged kids, make use of the Child Care Centers!

Photo courtesy of: City Stroller Rentals

Photo courtesy of: City Stroller Rentals

Seriously. They’re magical. Not only are there areas to nurse your little ones, but there are:

  • Changing stations
  • A large sink for rinsing messy clothes/cloth diapers
  • Tiny potties for those under 42″
  • High chairs
  • Items for purchase in case you need them

These places seriously saved our lives while toting a baby & preschooler. The Child Care Centers are located on Main Street in Disneyland which is pictured above (If you’re headed toward the castle, it’s on your right hand side in the corner past the Corn Dog cart) and in DCA between CarsLand & Ghiradelli.

2. Relax

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to do AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE while you’re visiting, but don’t stress. Take time to sit on a park bench with a snack, go back to the hotel for naps, or find an open area to let your littles stretch their legs (in between Fantasyland on the way to Big thunder is a good spot. Or near the Child Care Center on Main Street.) Your kids will thank you (and you’ll thank yourself, too).

3. Baby Wear


If your baby will do it, and it’s not too hot, I highly recommend it. It keeps your hands free, & you can continue to keep your little one close as you ride Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and more. I recommend the Ergo Classic. My son is over a year old and I can still wear him comfortably.

4. Bring spare outfits and LOTS of snacks if you plan to stay all day

Self explanatory. No one enjoys a hangry meltdown while waiting to board the Jungle Cruise. No one.

5. Rider Swap Passes

If not everyone in your party is tall enough to ride, get the Rider Swap Pass! Ask a Cast Member at the beginning of the line for a ride you want to go on for the pass. While one adult stays with those too small to ride, the others ride. Once finished, the waiting adult(s) can go through either the fast  pass line or through the ride’s exit (depending on the ride) and jump on. It’s awesome!

6. Be present, and make memories!


I can be kind of uptight as a parent sometimes, and forget to enjoy the moments with my kids and I always regret it. When we go to Disneyland, I make it a point to do things with them one on one, or try to make it extra special. For example: During our May trip, I woke my oldest daughter up early, we got dressed, and used our Magic Morning to hop onto Radiator Springs Racers just the two of us, and she has brought it up many times since. The same goes for our second, who has very specific ride opinions. We remember which things she LOVES and do our best to do those. Having multiple kids makes things like that extra hard, so do it whenever possible.

Now, be prepared. I’m sure there WILL be meltdowns, spills, or just one unpleasant moment, but don’t let fear stop you from going! Doing Disneyland with little ones is absolutely possible, and so much fun.

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