Disney released the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming film “Moana” Sunday and the level of excitement is already through the roof.
Dwayne Johnson voices the character of Maui, a demi god who apparently slowed the sun, raised islands out of the oceans and battled monsters all with his magical fishhook. While we get a pretty good idea that Maui is going to be a fun, mischievous, and adventurous character, not much is revealed about Moana.
Auli’I Cravalho is brand new to the Disney family and will be playing the very first Polynesian Disney princess, however there are high hopes for the new comer. The 14-year-old native Hawaiian was picked out of hundreds who auditioned throughout the Pacific Islands.
The trailer leaves some mystery, excitement, and anxious anticipation over what kind of leading-lady Moana will be. Will she be head-strong, and self-sufficient like Merida or Mulan? Or will she be gentle, sweet and hopelessly optimistic like Anna or Rapunzel? If you ask me, I think she’ll be a little more on the sarcastically, self-sufficient side since she wasn’t very impressed with Maui’s display of skills at the start of the trailer.
The teaser has given every indication that Disney, as usual, has out done themselves with the animation and music. A life-like shot of a sea turtle, the incredible sprays of foam as a boat races over the waters, and let’s not overlook Moana and Maui’s incredible hair, are all meticulously detailed and beautiful.
The film will feature music and songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Tony award winning writer and lyricist of “Hamilton” is joined by composer Mark Macina who worked on “The Lion King” and “Brother Bear”. Opetaia Foa’I is an artist born in Apia, Western Samoa who tours worldwide with the band Te Vaka, a Pacific music group, also worked on the music for “Moana” providing the rich, authentic sounds of the Pacific Islands.
The film is set to release on Thanksgiving and we can’t wait to see it. Tell us what you’re most excited about for “Moana”!

Thank you to Kellie Hustedde for this review!

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