I’ve heard it a few times before; Disneyland frequent visitors often feel that they’ve fallen into this routine at the parks. They arrive, get on their favorite attractions, maybe have a Dole Whip, watch a show, some more attractions, and end their night with the Disneyland Forever fireworks. Disneyland is an exciting destination no matter how often you visit the parks, but the parks have so much more to offer than just attractions and shows.

One of my favorite things to do at the parks are the Resort Tours. Led by Guest Relations Cast Members, affectionately referred to as “The Plaids”, the tours range anywhere from one and a half hours, to three hours. Each tour has a specific theme and comes with it’s own little surprise. Even better? Each tour is available to purchase with Annual Pass discounts, Disney Vacation Club member discount, Disney Visa card holder discount, or cast member discounts.

Welcome to The Disneyland Resort $25:

This tour is really aimed at first time visitors to the Disneyland Resort, but can be just as much fun if you’re a frequent visitor. This tour is jam packed with insider tips and tricks to making the most out of your Disneyland trip. So, even if you consider yourself a Disney expert, there’s likely something new to learn on this tour.

The tour guide will also make sure to give you a healthy dose of Disney trivia and fun facts, so that the next time you’re with you friends, you can impress them with your Disney knowledge.

This tour lasts approximately two and a half hours and one of the big perks of this tour is that you get walked right onto select attractions by your tour guide. That’s right, you’ll get treated like a VIP. At the end of your tour, you’ll also receive two pre-selected Fast Pass tickets for use during the rest of your visit. In true Disney fashion, guests on this tour will also receive a collectible pin and tour tag.


Discover the Magic $59 for first two regular tickets, $49 additional tickets:

This tour is really aimed at the younger guests that visit the park, but as we all know, Disneyland brings out the kid in us all. On this tour, guests will be taken on a hunt for treasure by their tour guide. They’ll be on the hunt for clues that are hidden throughout the park, and along the way, guests will be treated to selected attraction experiences. (Guests are treated like VIPs on all tours, really).

At the end of the tour, guests also get a private meet and great with a very special character! This tour lasts approximately two and a half to three hours, depending on your treasure hunting skills. For this tour, guests are given an exclusive lanyard with an honorary medallion.

Cultivating the Magic $49:

This tour won’t be returning to the Disneyland Resort until Spring is fully underway, but it’s still worth a mention. This tour is for all the horticulture fans. On this tour, guests will be taught about all of Disneyland’s unique plants and how each is cultivated to give it’s own sense of magic. You’ll also get to learn about the most famous rose: The Disneyland Rose.

Just like the other tours we’ve gone over so far, this tour includes select attraction experiences. (I’m starting to get the sense Disney treats all its guests like VIPs). This tour lasts approximately two hours and a the end, guests not only receive a collectible pin to take home, but an exclusive seed package as well, so they can grow a bit of Disney magic in their own backyard.


Disney California Story $109:

At this time, this is the only tour that takes place in Disney California Adventure. On this tour, guests will be taken back to California in the early 1900s, you’ll be able to experience California the way that Walt himself did! Guests will be told the stories behind the attractions, architecture and so much more that inspired Disney California Adventure.

In addition, guests will be given a peak inside the lounge of Club 1901, the private club inside California Adventure. Guests are also given three select attraction experiences on this tour. At the end of the tour, guests are given a private lunch along Buena Vista Street. And of course, guests will be given a collectible button and souvenir pin.


Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps $109:

This is quite possibly the most popular tour that the Disneyland Resort offers. On this tour, guests will be told stories of how Walt placed pieces of his own life throughout the park. Guests will get to learn why Disneyland was so precious to Walt, and how he overcame several challenges that presented themselves before the opening of the Magic Kingdom.

The major draw to this tour isn’t the attraction experiences, the private lunch on Main Street U.S.A, or even the collectible pin.

The major draw to this tour is the chance to be among a select few people in the world who can saw that they’ve gone into the Dream Suite. Currently, this tour takes guests into the Dream Suite, located above Pirates of the Caribbean and shows them all the hidden gems through the suite. Trust me, they’re all amazing and you’ll definitely be feeling the magic.


So, to all of you who feel like they’re Disney pros, which tour is your favorite?

For information on availability, tour times and dates, guests can call Guided Tours at 714-781-TOUR or 714-781-8687.


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