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I am Remy Ripert, a self-proclaimed food enthusiast. My life motto is, “I don’t like food, I love it”. I look forward to sharing my insights with you.

“I want a churro…or popcorn!” How many times have you heard or said that? There’s something about the smell of a churro going through the warmer or freshly popped popcorn that makes you end up in line at one of the vending carts throughout the Parks. These are great snacks, but to push through to that midnight close you’ll need a real meal. If you haven’t had the chance to sit and enjoy a table service restaurant at one of the Parks, here are a couple of my go-to locations.

Disneyland – Café Orleans

As a fan of New Orleans Square, I enjoy all the food offerings as they satisfy different cravings. Between the two table service locations, Café Orleans is the best value. Using classic Cajun flavors, the menu features sandwiches and salads primarily with chicken or salmon. Start with the pommes frites. You’ll find that you can’t stop dipping these Parmesan-covered fries in the Cajun rémoulade. A view of the Rivers of America and the music of New Orleans makes this is a great spot to have a meal and enjoy the entertainment from the atmosphere.

Quick Tips/Facts

  • The Monte Cristo is priced a few dollars less at Café Orleans than Blue Bayou because it doesn’t come with a starter soup/salad.
  • Split the Monte Cristo – it’s a lot of heavy food.


Disney California Adventure – Cove Bar

Fish and cheese don’t go together, but decapods (i.e., the order of crustaceans that includes lobster, crab, and shrimp) and melty cheese work very well together! At the Cove Bar, dive into the lobster nachos. Although labeled an appetizer, there is more than enough to share! It’s fully-loaded with lobster, black beans, pico de gallo, and serrano peppers, and garnished with a chipotle crema. Tucked behind Ariel’s Grotto entrance, this bar is a great spot to unwind and enjoy the view of Paradise Pier.

Quick Tips/Facts

  • Everyone in your party must be 21+ for seating at the bar.
  • You can order alcoholic beverages to-go.
  • If you’re still seated at closing, you can stay to watch World of Color.


Until next time, au revoir!


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