This weekend many are flocking to Anaheim for the D23 Expo. HeaderAnaheimLogoWhat used to be fields of orange groves has flourished into an urban melting pot of culture and entertainment. Anaheim entices people to visit from around the world. Whether it’s been a few months or a few years since your last visit to Anaheim, the city is continuously developing and being revitalized.  Known to many only as “the city that Disneyland’s in,” Anaheim is rebranding and reviving its image to show it has so much more to offer. Over the course of the past year, there have been several additions that provide different experiences to visitors, with each experience offering a different view of the city. I encourage those who are visiting to go outside the walls of Disney and explore a city loved by many.

Anaheim revitalized its shopping with the Center Street Promenade in the downtown area. What used to be old historic building has turned into a new gathering place. The 3 block stretch features several small shops with vintage flare, unique gifts, and tasty food. In fact, the Center Street Promenade hosts a farmers market every Thursday, as well as various events on the weekends. If you are looking for an experience that features artisanal cheese, Stumptown Coffee, and eclectic offerings, then this is the place to be! I personally recommend one of my favorite places Ink and Bean.

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Ink and Bean


The Anaheim Packing District is another exceptional location that invigorated the “Anaheim experience”. The location once housed a historic citrus packing house, but now offers an assortment of artisan food with more than twenty vendors.  Food offerings include everything from ice cream to Indian cuisine; even a grilled cheese bar! Not to mention, the Packing District also has an assortment of bars that offer a wide selection of craft beer and live music every weekend. With a wide variety of dining options, the Packing House is great spot for lunch or dinner outside of the theme parks. May I personally recommend The KroftHans’ Homemade Ice Cream, and Black Sheep GCB.

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Anaheim Packing District


Amidst the food and shopping, the city of Anaheim has enhanced transportation with the addition of a 67,000 square foot transit hub that serves Orange County and beyond. Branded as the “ARTIC,” this hub features several options for travel, including Megabus, Amtrak, and Greyhound.  The “ARTIC” connects guests to world class entertainment around Anaheim faster, easier, and more affordable. This is a unique places to visit because of it’s architecture  and the fact it glows at night!


Adam Elmahrek



As Anaheim continues to grow and develop, it will always maintain its charm and sense of wonder. With offerings like the Center Street Promenade, The Anaheim Packing District, and “ARTIC,” there is something for everyone. Whether it’s been a few months, years, or even if it’s your first visit to Anaheim, the city promises to keep you coming back with its constant offerings. The “New Anaheim” has a lot to offer, and I believe it’s just the beginning. Take a break from the theme parks and explore Anaheim.


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