I’m a sucker for all things that combine Disney and the Holidays. I have to practice some serious self-control when it comes to the adorable, and often beautiful, merchandise that the parks offer when the seasons start changing. This year is no exception, with the collectors of the Disney popcorn buckets and steins anxiously waiting to get their hands on this year’s offerings.

If you have not had a chance to check out these Halloween-themed items, I suggest you do! The Poison Apple Stein that glows in the dark is incredibly popular right now and very challenging to find in the parks (I went on the hunt for one yesterday and happened to find it in Adventureland! Score!), making it even more fun to purchase once it’s found. It screams out to all Snow White fans as the perfect addition to their home decor or as a costume prop. What’s even better is that it comes with an additional food item depending on where you buy it (I got a pineapple spear with mine, but you can also get grapes, soda, etc.).


Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

If popcorn buckets are on your list of collectibles, Disney is offering two options this year: a Vampire Mickey Premium Popcorn Bucket and a Zero (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) Premium Popcorn Bucket. Although I do not collect these, they’re both very cute and would make good additions to any fan’s collection. They will also be offering a traditional Halloween popcorn bucket and hot drink mug with artwork inspired from “Lonesome Ghosts,” a Disney cartoon from 1937.

The fun and original items that Disney comes up with during the holidays is something I always look forward to!



Photos courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

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