This post comes from guest blogger Breanna Keller about being a Disney Annual Passholder:

“I define Disneyland as my happy place. The place I go to escape when adult life becomes too overwhelming, when the stresses of bills, overflowing laundry and chores are unappealing and a break is needed. I escape to Disneyland. I can sing alongside Jasmine and Aladdin as they explore a whole new world on a magic carpet, visit with Mickey and Minnie in their cute Halloween Time outfits, tour Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and scream my head off on California Screamin’. There is a little something for everyone which is why every time I visit is a different experience. Having a premium pass means endless adventures and endless smiles await me the whole year through.
I’ve found that it takes 8 visits to equal the cost of a premium pass. I would definitely argue that it can be very expensive if you don’t live nearby or like Disneyland enough to visit every weekend like I do, it can seem like it may not be worth the cost. But, there are so many benefits to reap from being a passholder — of any level. The passes offer discounts which in the last month has saved me about $50 on items ranging from my many Starbucks purchased on Main St. and a new princess lanyard to hold my continuously growing pin collection.
One of my favorite passholder perks is the fact that I can come and go as I please. I can walk into the park for 5 minutes when craving a churro, go for dinner at one of the Disney’s California Adventure restaurants and attend a discounted Disney movie showing at the AMC in Downtown Disney. I can walk into the park at 8pm just to see the nightly shows like Paint the Night, the new electrical parade, and Disneyland Forever, the awe-inspiring fireworks display that makes me tear up every time I see it.

No matter what time of year, time of day or day of the week, Disneyland is always there to greet with its welcoming, magical arms and that is definitely worth every penny.”

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