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Most Disney enthusiasts have a movie in their collection that they wish they could have seen in theaters. Whether its mebecause they want to hear their favorite song surround them, the sights to immerse them or simply because it is their favorite. The Walt Disney Family Museum has created a great tradition of offering two films per month, usually an animated classic alongside a live action film or one celebrating a milestone. This past month they treated visitors’ to both Alice in Wonderland and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I had the pleasure of seeing Alice in Wonderland shortly before it left for the month and it didn’t disappoint. Much like the rest of the museum, the Fantasia themed theater is a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest Disney films. Sorcerer Mickey greets you as you enter the theater, star burst filled carpet is underfoot, and plush multi colored seats await you.

As the lights dim and the movie begins its easy to be transported to a brand new place, especially with a film like Alice in Wonderland. The bright colors and festive intro bring a sparkle to your eye and warmth to your heart almost immediately. Spending the afternoon in a darkened movie theater at a museum might seem odd at first but in many ways it adds an extra special “something” to your experience. It is always a delight to see children at the showings come away with a new favorite film, which may lead to a new favorite ride on their next visit to a Disney park. I can only imagine how magical riding Alice in Wonderland would be after watching the film for the first time.

Many in today’s society don’t see the joy of going to the movies but within this special environment and with such special films, the glamour of cinema is still alive.

July’s film screenings are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs alongside Swiss Family Robinson. The film itself is free with admission to the museum, just ask the front desk for a ticket!

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