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If you have been putting off taking your child to Disneyland due to special needs, rethink the possibilities of all the fun you can have with your child!

Some of the perks of taking a special needs child to Disneyland:

  • Seeing a smile on their face all day long
  • Being able to experience things that are only in their dreams first hand
  • Making special memories you will never forget

Using these simple tips you will enjoy Disneyland, and want to return year after to make as many memories as possible with your child.

Start out with having a plan: Ask your child all the things they want to do, and make list of  the top 10 or 15 things to do in the day. Make sure you put meals and breaks in the schedule, so you do not over tire yourselves. If you are traveling out of state, there are quite a few options to stay really close to the entrance of Disneyland. You can choose a Good Neighbor hotel or stay on property at one of the resort hotels. Plan a break from the parks in your schedule to rest or change for the evening to make the most of your trip. You don’t want to have to take a vacation from going on vacation. You should begin your day early and take advantage of magic morning entry (if it is available). There is something so special about seeing rope drop and being one of the first people into Disneyland. Early mornings are great for photo opportunities because of the smaller crowds, and you will be able to do a lot more in Disneyland. In the mid-afternoon, take a break to get out of the heat and rest so your child will be able to stay up later to enjoy the magic of the night time parade and fireworks.

Disneyland is one of the best places to take a special needs child. The parks accommodate them and help make the trip extra special by trying to let them be a normal kid, if just for one day. The very first thing you need to do is stop by City Hall. The cast members are there to help with whatever you need. My child is 70% blind and needs to have the rides stopped to get on and off depending on the ride. The Cast Members are already trained to accommodate this; all you have to do is tell the ride operator. They are accommodating with anything you need. Perhaps your child has a form of Autism or is in a wheelchair and cannot wait in line. They will give you a Fast Pass form to take to the ride at the handicap entrance or the exit depending on the ride, and they will give you a return time for your entire party very similar to the fast pass system.

Does your child need to take medicine? There are several places for you to go!  Any restaurant will give you a free glass of water to take your meds. If you have to mix your meds like me, you can go to the baby care center or the first aid station located and the end of Main Street U.S.A  toward Tomorrowland. There are staff there to help you, and if you forgot anything (like a pill crusher for instance), they have supplies for you to purchase.  Every bathroom in the park has a sharps container if you or your child are diabetic.

I find our trips to Disneyland are the most special times of our lives due to the fact that we get to leave our everyday hard working lives to just have fun. Being a parent to a special child is very stressful and trying. Some days, being able to leave our lives for a few days of enjoyment is what every parent needs. What better place to have the time of your life than Disneyland?!

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