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“Halloween Time at Disneyland is full of magic, from Mickey’s Halloween Party to the special decorations brought out just for this time of year. The Disneyland decorators go all out adding a spooky, orange glow to the park, from the Haunted Mansion to Main Street USA. But for those of us who can’t make it to Disneyland during Halloween Time, here are five ways to bring the magic to your own home.

1. Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree
This special tradition was started in 2007 at Disneyland to recognize famed author and Disney Parks contributor Ray Bradbury. Bradbury dreamed of having a Halloween Tree at Disneyland, and 35 years after his 1972 fantasy novel “The Halloween Tree” was released, his dream came true. Today you can see the Halloween Tree glowing with orange lights and hand-painted jack-o’-lanterns in Disneyland’s Frontierland.

This is an easy and special tradition to start with your own family. Designate a special tree to be your annual “Halloween Tree” (it could be indoor or outdoor) and string with orange lights. You can pick up small plastic pumpkins from a craft store, then add faces with paint or a permanent marker. You can learn more about The Halloween Tree and see examples of the creative pumpkin faces here.


HalloweenTree1_EnchantedType (1)

2. Main Street USA Jack-o’-lanterns
Walking down Main Street USA during Halloween Time is like being transported to a real-life Halloweentown filled with creative decorations all around. From the shaving pumpkin near the barber shop to the Cogsworth-inspired pumpkin near the watch shop, the Disneyland decorators must have a blast coming up with ideas to decorate the store windows.

Listen to the Disney team talk about how to decorate your own creative jack-o’-lanterns plus check out their templates to use for silly faces. Then pick up supplies at your local craft store or from around the house and get creative! Consider stacking your jack-o’-lanterns like those you see on Main Street, or even using accessories to bring your pumpkins to life.


3. Disney Villains
The Disney Villains are an important part of Halloween Time at Disneyland. An iconic image that many associate with this time of year is the poison apple presented by the Evil Queen to Snow White. While the limited edition Poison Apple Steins disappeared from Disneyland in the blink of an eye, there’s other ways to add a villainous touch to your Halloween decorations.

Use a large vase and fill it with red apples to set the tone at the dinner table. Then when it’s time to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters, pick up this bowl from the online Disney Store to make the kiddies think twice about trying to trick your house.

4. When Two Holidays Collide
The cult classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” makes its appearance at Disneyland this time of year with the Haunted Mansion overlay. The key to using “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in your Halloween decorations is to think about how Jack Skellington makes two holidays collide. This could be as easy as putting a Santa hat on your jack-o’-lantern, adding fangs to your Christmas wreath or making skeleton gingerbread men cookies.

For an instant addition to your wall, check out my printable wall art design featuring a very appropriate quote from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. You can also find some glorious “Nightmare Before Christmas” pieces in the online Disney Store and in Disney Stores around the nation (I’m currently crushing on this wreath ornament).



5. The Original Haunted Mansion
While “The Nightmare Before Christmas” overlay is very spirited, we can’t forget about the original Haunted Mansion. From cobwebs to candelabras, there’s lots of inspiration to be found within the spookiest house in the park. Feeling extra crafty? Make your own tombstones with Styrofoam or wood then add creative inscriptions like those found in the Haunted Mansion queue.

If you’re short on time, the Disney Store expanded the Haunted Mansion collection to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the ride opening at Disneyland. There lot’s of wonderfully elaborate pieces now available in the Disney Store to make your home slightly more unlivable.


Bonus: Take a cue from the Disneyland horticulture team and add some fall foliage to your flower beds! Check out this post from the Disney Parks Blog for a list of plants used at Disneyland this time of year. From orange mums to yellow African marigolds, it’s easy to add a warm glow to your garden to celebrate fall.”

Elaina is the Southern California based stationery designer and blogger behind Enchanted Type, specializing in modern stationery inspired by your favorite childhood stories. Her background in wedding planning and big box stationery inspired her to create stationery for the dreamers of today. When she’s not busy writing or designing a new collection, you can find Elaina snapping inspiration at Disneyland or tending to her pugs. To learn more about Elaina’s stationery designs, visit the Enchanted Type website here.

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