Let me begin this review by saying:

When I heard about ‘The Good Dinosaur’ over the summer, I wasn’t impressed. At all. I was confused by the combination of the really detailed/realistic background animation and Arlo looking more simple. I also knew nothing about the story at the time.

Fast forward to D23 Expo in August:

We were told more details of the story, it’s characters, and shown an extended preview. After crying through most of the presentation, I decided to give the movie a chance.


My son (almost 2 years old) has been obsessed with the trailers for this movie, so my husband and I decided we would take him to see it in theaters. We went to the earliest showing, brought LOTS of snacks & treats to bribe him with. It was great.

The story of “The Good Dinosaur” is so much more than [SPOILER ALERT] “kid’s dad dies, kid gets lost and has to find his way home.” The story addresses fear in the way that it’s o.k. to be afraid, but you shouldn’t allow fear to hold you back. The story telling in this movie is beautiful, as is all of the animation. There are one or two intense parts that may upset sensitive children, but over all the characters encountered are interesting, expressive, and [mostly] lovable. I mean, come on. There has to be a villain or two, right?

Over all, the emotional story line will appeal more to the adults in the theater, and probably go over the heads of the younger viewers. However, there’s more than enough action & funny moments to keep the kids entertained.

Have you seen The Good Dinosaur? Let us know what you thought!

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