Wrapping up our 1st birthday celebration, we are giving away a very special prize. 3 people will be randomly selected for a free 1 hour Disneyland Photoshoot with myself. (Valued at $500) Sessions may include up to four people. The winners of this giveaway must use the session within 6 months of the giveaway. Winners must have their own admission into Disneyland Park.  To enter head on over to our instagram . You have probably seen my scenic photography of Disneyland. However, I also love capturing people’s magical moments.  Enjoy a peak of my portfolio below. I look forward to working with the winners!

More about the photography in the park process and Danielle Ernest:

Photography plays a major role in my life. I love taking photos and am most comfortable with a camera in my hand, whether that is my digital SLR or my iPhone camera. I’ve found that it’s the taking of the photos, not the quality of the camera, that’s most important. In recent years, photography has become both a creative and emotional outlet for me — a way to express what’s going on inside at a conscious and subconscious level. It is more than just “capturing a moment” or being “a storyteller”. Photography is SO much more, to me, than that. For me its creating magic and helping people remember those special days. I love being there to capture that important moment in time, a moment that will hopefully be remembered forever through my images.

One of the more recent joys of my life is helping people capture their memories at Disneyland. I’ve had the privilege to meet people around the world and hear their life stories.   I can not tell you how many times that people have seen me with all of my equipment and asked what I was shooting. Or, assuming that I know what I am doing with a camera, they will ask me to take their photo. Many times this leads to a conversation with these strangers. And I have met some really amazing people across the globe. And it is not just people who I am meeting face-to-face, it is the chance to interact with all of you. I get numerous emails every day from blog readers, people on the Facebook page, and others who want to share images or ask questions.  I love being able to connect with them and share love of photography.

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