Tis’ the season to be jolly. One of the most magical things about Disneyland is the music and nothing puts me in the season, like Disneyland Christmas music. When I use to live far away from Disneyland, I would crave the sounds of Disneyland. So as my Christmas gift to you, I want to share the sounds of the Disneyland Resort at Christmas. Here are some of my favorite things to listen to while decorating the tree.

 California Adventure Buena Vista Street Christmas 


I love the Holidays on Buena Vista Street, because Disney did an excellent job recreating a representation of what Christmas of a bygone era may have looked like in Los Angeles. There is something about the Red Car Trolleys adorned with garland, the giant Christmas tree, and the Carthy Circle. I love looking in the windows and seeing  tin toys and a steaming train. The entire atmosphere was brought together with a 1920’s and 30’s holiday music loop which filled the street with jazz, swing and holiday orchestra music. Below, I have included a Spotify playlist of this beautiful music.


 “Season Speedings” from Carland 


During this festive time, Route 66 is  decorated with garland, lights, Christmas trees and of course Christmas music. That’s right, during the Christmas season a new Christmas  loop all based around the american automobile can be heard throughout the land. This is a delightful playlist.  Merry Cars-mas!


World of Color- Winter Dreams


This is a delightful version of World of Color. Olaf from Frozen leads a merry, magical holiday version of this popular light and water spectacular. I always enjoy seeing this and listening to this.

Disneyland Main Street Christmas


Is there anything like Christmas on Main Street U.S.A? You  can sit on a bench on Main Street for about an hour and you will hear every one of these old tunes. Although some of the listed CD re-releases show more current dates, all of these albums were originally issued on vinyl before 1969.  You’ll notice David Rose, Ed Sullivan, and Lawrence Welk have have multiple entries on the loop; any coincidence that all three worked extensively in television at the same time as Walt? Also, notice that music boxes have a significant role in this loop … could be a nod to Walt’s mid-western upbringing ( Of course this is all speculation).  Enjoy this nostalgic look of Christmas, if you close your eyes you’ll be transported to Main Street.



Jingle Cruise


It’s not secret that I have a deep love for the Jungle Cruise (Former Skipper here). I won’t lie, I was extremely jealous when they announced they would be doing this. I have always wanted to tell cheesy Christmas jokes while taking people are the Jungle. This next playlist is from my beloved Jingle Cruise and enjoy the classic music of the 1930’s. It’s truly spectacular and will make you feel like you are living in the last outpost of civilization.


“it’s a small world” HolidayDSC_0552

Celebrate the joy of the season with festive sights and songs in a special yuletide version of this classic attraction. As you approach, you’ll hear a medley of the iconic “it’s a small world” song along with traditional holiday tunes and you’ll be dazzled by thousands of shimmering lights adorning the attraction’s iconic façade. Then, set sail along a wintry, wondrous waterway, adorned in regional decorations as you tour a world of festive wishes and holiday cheer! Enjoy the Merriest Cruise the ever sailed! The first video is the que music, the second the projection show and the lastly is the actual ride.


Haunted Mansion Holiday


Haunted Mansion Holiday is a seasonal overlay of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction. It blends the settings and characters of the original Haunted Mansion with those of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. What makes this attraction so memorable is the music and visual effects. Below, I have included some of my favorite things that I keep on repeat during the holiday season.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle


During the Christmas season, I could watch Sleeping Beauty’s castle for hours. I love how the lights glisten and gleam. However, the most magical part is when there is snow fall. Below are the two tracks that play and then the castle lights up.


Believe in Holiday Magic


Due to the 60th Celebration, Believe in Holiday Magic is not running this year. That makes my heart sad, because I LOVE this show. However thanks to modern technology, I can still enjoy the music. Enjoy this heartwarming show!



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