Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I have updated you all on how my Disney College Program is going. As a Fall Advantage participant, my program overlaps with the last portion of the Spring Term and the entire Fall Term. With that, we have to two different terms with an opportunity to take classes. This past week I finished a class called Blended Learning in a summer session.

What is Blended Learning? Well just like the title implies, it’s a big mix of everything. We had discussions on our goals for the future, how to make the most of our time in the college program, analyzing different aspects of the company, and learning more about ourselves.


Volunteering at the Orange County Food Bank as part of our class

For me, I loved hearing from different college program participants in different roles. It was so fun comparing our experiences to one another and sharing our stories.

One of the highlights for me was having Disneyland Ambassador Allie come speak to our class. As a former college program participant, it was so interesting to learn about Allie’s journey to becoming a Disneyland Ambassador and learning more about the program on a more personal level. (Not sure what the Ambassador Program is? Read about it here)

Another one of the perks about taking a class with Disney is that it’s not your average class. Yes, on some occasions our classroom was Disneyland Park and our homework was to ride an attraction. Not too bad, right?


Experiencing the park as one our in-class assignments

Somehow Disney managed to make class fun. Even though I actually had to do homework, making my own Main Street Window was much more enjoyable than writing a paper.

For the Fall Term I am enrolled in a class called Leadership Speaker Series that will include lectures from executives around the Resort. I’m so excited to tell you all about that as the Fall Term begins, but until then, I’ll see you real soon!


Just so you know….

For the college program at the Disneyland Resort, all participants are required to take a class, whether or not you are receiving credit from your university. However, from my understanding, you are not required to take a class while participating in the Walt Disney World Program.

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