The Disneyland Resort is of course a magical place and a great part of it is thanks to the cast members! Magical moments are not uncommon, whether they are perfectly planned or just kind of happen spontaneously!

Well, during my training, I created my first magical moment while doing slide dispatch at the Grand Californian.


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During slower days, a lot of the same kids like to go on the slide as many times as they can (of course they would, right?). When I keep seeing the same faces over and over, I take this as an opportunity to get to know them a little better by asking their name, where they are visiting from, their favorite character, and other fun questions.

One little girl came up to the slide very scared. It was her first time going on, so I reassured her that it would be alright, held her hand as she stepped into the slide, and she was on her way. She went down and I could see how big her smile was at the bottom! She kept coming on the slide and we began counting how many times she could go on the slide before she had to go. In getting to know her, I learned that her favorite princess was Queen Elsa. I was on a mission to make this day even more magical for her, so I found the perfect little token to give to her: a signed picture of Queen Elsa herself! She absolutely loved it and I could tell her mom was appreciative of the gesture.

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to create magical moments as a Lifeguard, but I love the creative challenge it brings! Hopefully my new friend likes her signed picture of Elsa!

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