After my Traditions class, I was sent to more classes that taught me about my role within the Walt Disney Company over the next couple of days. The next two days got more and more specific to with classes called “Where Magic Meets Hospitality” and “Welcome to Operations.” Let me break them down for you.

Where Magic Meets Hospitality

This class was all about the Disneyland Hotel, the Grand Californian Hotel, the Paradise Pier Hotel, and the Downtown Disney District, so all the new hires that will be working in these locations go through this class. I will be working at all three hotels on the Disneyland Resort property as a Lifeguard, so it was important that I knew my way around the hotels to properly assist guests. If I had been placed in a role within Disneyland Park or Disney’s California Adventure, I would have a class called “The Disneyland Story” or “Our California Story,” that would introduce me to that part of the property.

It wasn’t so much of a class, but a walking tour. We started in the Esplanade, the area between Disneyland and California Adventure, and made our way through Downtown Disney and through each one of the hotels. We got to learn little fun facts and the thought process behind the design of the property, things I didn’t even know! We were also able to see a room in each hotel, which is useful in communicating with guests that are curious.

The best part of this class for me wasn’t actually planned. Disney COO, Tom Staggs, crashed my tour in the middle of Downtown Disney! It was so cool that a Disney Executive took the time to greet new hires in the midst of his busy day.

Welcome to Operations

After getting an overview of the property we would be working in, the classes get even more simplified. Welcome to Operations broke down groups into Entertainment, Park, Retail/Store, Food & Beverage, and Lodging (If I’m missing one or I’m incorrect, please do not hesitate to correct me!). As a Lifeguard, I was placed into Lodging. Not everyone who was in my “Where Magic Meets Hospitality” class followed me to my “Welcome to Operations” group, but some did.

The beginning part of this day started off very generally and the groups had not yet divided. We learned things like how to properly pick things up without causing too much stress on our bodies, interacting with guests that need special attention, and good/bad show. The second part of the day focused directly on whatever specific group you were placed in. For the lodging group, we learned more about the specific objectives of the hotels and the unique opportunities our roles have to create magic for guests.

It seems like Disney loves preparing their newest cast members through their classes. Although a lot of you are probably questioning why Disney spends so much time on these classes, it honestly makes the transition into such a huge company a lot easier if one is unfamiliar with it. Even for me, as someone who considers themselves very familiar with the company, it made me so much more comfortable easing into it.

After all of my Disney classes, I had more Lifeguard classes to take! Stay tuned for my next post about my learning all of the necessities to becoming a Lifeguard at the Disneyland Resort.

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