After a lot of waiting and anticipation, I had my check-in day and orientation for the Disney College Program at Disneyland about a week ago. Prior to this day, I’ve had a lot of email communication from the Disney College Program about registering from classes and filling in electronic forms. There hadn’t been much communication about this day besides where I needed to be, what I needed to bring, and what time I needed to be there. I tried scouring through other blogs, but since I’m a local participant, meaning I supply my own housing, I knew it was going to be different from those who were moving into housing.


Yes, my real name is Lucia. Lucy is just a nickname!

Here is what my Check-In Day looked like for a local Fall Advantage Participant:

10:15am – I arrived at the Team Disney Anaheim building to begin check-in

10:20am – After parking my car and going through a tiny security check, I entered the casting building and stood in line to begin my check-in process

10:25am – I finally reached the front of the line where I brought my additional signed paperwork and my passport to verify my identity. (There were a lot of emails with instructions leading up to this day, so I read them very carefully and thankfully I didn’t miss anything!) Then, I received a handout with my scheduled orientations, signed a few papers, and took my ID picture. (For the ID picture, you need to be dressed in the “Disney Look” from the shoulders up. Otherwise, the “Disney Look” is not necessary for this day)

10:35am – All of the participants that were finished with the process were instructed to wait in the courtyard while check-in concluded.

11:00am – By this time, small groups of participants were being called in to make sure that they had electronically submitted their DORMS paperwork. DORMS is not just for those living in Disney housing, but for all Disney College participants. Once we were cleared, we waited in an auditorium watching Big Hero 6.

12:00pm – After everyone was seated, the Disneyland College Program team lead a presentation that went more in-depth with what the program will look like. All of the team members had a chance to introduce themselves and most had been a DCP participant. There was a lot of talk about networking within the company and how the Disney College Program is a platform to advance a potential career.

1:00pm – A quick little trivia game with prizes concluded the orientation to the program, but those who had accepted a role that required responsibility for the safety of others stayed back to take a drug test. Since I will be a lifeguard, I was required to stay back, but luckily Disney provided on-site services so we did not have to follow up at a different facility. I’m going to be straightforward… this drug test was no joke. Yes, I did have to provide a urine sample and even if I wanted to cheat on it, I don’t think there was any possible way. Would you expect anything less from Disney?

1:30pm – Check-in and orientation was completed.

My Traditions orientation was scheduled for a week later, I’m assuming to process paperwork and my urine sample to make sure I checked out. For those who are unfamiliar, Traditions is a class attended by all new employees that serves as an introduction to the company that emphasizes the Disney history, philosophy, and values. After that I will have my “Property Orientation” and my “Welcome to Operations,” that will go more in-depth on what my experience as a cast member will look like.

Stay tuned here on Disney Darlings as I will continue to update on my adventure as a Disney College Participant at the Disneyland Resort!

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