I think enough time has passed since Club 33 has been remodeled that I can post these photos. A lot of people felt very upset that the club was redone and the Court of Angels was “sealed off” to the public. The club still is special and has it’s own beauty. However, it doesn’t have that feeling of “Walt’s Place”. Granted, Walt never saw the opening of Club 33. However, in the old club one felt like they were a guest in Walt’s private club. Everything from the art on the walls to elevator paid tribute to Disneyland’s founder. Yet, with the remodel- it was more tribute to Disneyland and New Orleans. Which makes complete sense for the area, however I miss that special feeling of knowing Walt chose that.

I am not going to bash on the window or the flooring, because I think it’s unique in it’s own way. The club is still nice, even if a lot of people don’t agree.  I think the bigger question one needs to ask is: How long will Walt be remembered? As Disneyland keeps moving forward, will Walt slowly start to be erased? As we get farther away from his death, will people still know who he is? When certain rides like the Jungle Cruise become so outdated that they need to be “reimagined”– will anything still bare the image of Walt? Perhaps I am “one of the those” because I admire everything that Disney did for the world. I know that Disneyland needs to keep moving forward so that it will stay relevant. However, I must ask what is Disney doing to preserve Walt’s image? Granted, he has a statue in the park– but how many people know who he is? These are questions that may not have answers, but I think it’s worth asking. With the remodeling of Club 33 it is just a reminder that Walt is no longer around or relevant– which breaks my heart. I guess the ultimate question is- how do we preserve Walt’s Disneyland to show to future generations and keep it “moving forward”?
















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