There’s a lot of things I forget being a Disneyland local. I forget that most people don’t wake up and decide that they’re going to go to Disneyland that day. I forget that most people travel more than 30 minutes to get to the turnstile. I forget about the extensive trip planning that goes into any visit to a Disney Park. Most importantly, I forget that given the option, most people would probably choose a vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort than a visit to the park that Walt actually walked in.

It’s the truth! There’s twice the amount of parks, far more land, and seemingly much more to do in Orlando than there is in Anaheim, but this book review might have you thinking differently.

Taylor Roberts, the author of Go West, Young Mouse, and a former Disney World vacationer, makes the bold statement that Florida isn’t the only Disney destination that will truly blow you away.

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Roberts goes over every little thing you can possibly think of in making the transition from a Disney World vacationer to a Disneylander. In this book, you can figure out what traveling options are best for you and your party, how long you should stay for, and takes you step by step throughout the park to make the most of your days there. Although Roberts offers a lot of generally helpful tips, there is also a lot of insider advice that would make any stranger to the Disneyland Resort feel welcome. One of the most helpful tips is how every attraction is categorized whether it is unique to the resort, familiar, or has an exact replica on the east coast. Even though Disneyland is more of a casual resort, these comparisons are great for those of you who like to plan exact itineraries can figure out which rides are “Skippable” or a “Must-Do” while visiting. Another helpful tip for all the Disney foodies out there, Roberts has compiled an entire list of all of the food that is completely unique to the Disneyland Resort. I personally believe that one has not lived until they have had a corn dog from the Little Red Wagon.

Even as a Disneyland local, I found this book to be a very interesting read. In particular, I loved the Disneyland Resort bucket list and the Beyond the Resort chapter that had listed other Disney experiences in Southern California. Quite a few of the items listed are things I haven’t even done! It seems like I have a few new goals for my next visit.

Another thing I forget is how special of a place the Disneyland Resort truly is. Not only does it have rich history, the Imagineers have made up for the lack of land in Anaheim with creativity and some extra special Disney magic. Roberts reminds us that Disneyland is not to be overlooked and should be treasured for many years to come.

For those of you interested in coming out west or looking to stray away from Disney World for a while, I recommend getting a copy of Go West, Young Mouse to help you plan your next vacation.

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