Being a part of the Disney College Program allowed me to have some pretty cool opportunities to see the inner workings of a place I love so dearly. A while back, I wrote about my experience in a tour through Walt’s Apartment above the firehouse on Main Street. Since then, I’ve been able to have some similar experiences that go behind the magic in various places throughout the resort.

Tower of Terror Backstage Tour

After the park closed, a group of us were able to receive a special tour from cast members who work on the attraction. We first went through the lobby and the library, pointing out objects and listening to stories that are unique to the attraction’s history. Then, we rode the attraction twice in a row. The first without “show,” meaning there were no lights, music, or special effects, just the ride going through the motions. Coming from someone who has never been afraid on this attraction, I was terrified. You don’t know when you’re going to move next or when to expect the drop. The next ride through was what the average guest saw. We then got to explore the actual ride operations by walking through the sets, peeking down the elevator shaft, and going out on the balconies that overlook Hollywood Land.



World of Color Backstage Tour

I technically wasn’t supposed to go on this tour. It was a prize for the winning team of a field day hosted by the College Program that I didn’t even participate in, but I somehow got on the invitation list because someone had the same last name as me and I didn’t question it. It was a great tour by one of the stage managers (Fun fact: he started in the company as one of the first dancing monkeys in Fantasmic!). We walked down to the stage managers watch the show, visited the control room also known as NASA, and learned about how this water spectacular operates and the challenges it has overcome to operate daily.

Fairy Tale Weddings Walkthrough

This particular tour took us through the Disneyland Hotel with one of the Senior Wedding Coordinators discussing the different types of weddings that happen on property. We were able to go through the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion and a few of the grand ballrooms to see how Fairy Tale Weddings are brought to life at the resort. This was a particularly exciting tour because an executive that handles the day-to-day operations of these weddings guided the tour.

Dream Suite Tour

This tour was probably my favorite just because I have always wondered what magic was up in the Dream Suite. I remember years ago walking through the Disney Gallery when it used to be up there so I was excited to see how the area was transformed. There’s a lot of magic in there that I had no idea about! I would love to tell you everything, but that just spoils the fun in case you ever get to see it for yourself.


A few of the tours that were also offered including Haunted Mansion Backstage Tour, Walt Disney Studios Tour, Roundhouse Tour (Train and Monorail), and Midway Mania Tour. There’s various reasons I didn’t get to go on these tours, like I was scheduled to work or the registration filled up, but I’m happy I got to experience these special offering while in the College Program.


Is there any backstage tour that you would love to go on? Let me know in the comments!

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