This past weekend my family and I jetted down to the Happiest Place on Earth to hang with some of our favorite characters!

Excuse my awkward face.

Excuse my awkward face.

This trip, we took the advice of you, the readers,, and stayed at the Candy Cane Inn. The Candy Cane is so cozy, almost like staying at Grandma’s house, but without the smell of mothballs. Although their logo/website could use a little freshening up (CALL ME 😉 ) the hotel staff are kind, the rooms are clean and quiet, and it’s a quick walk to the parks.

We rented a City Mini Double GT stroller from Jewel at City Stroller Rentals and I must say, it’s the best decision we’ve ever made in regards to strollers. Not only is it super easy to make/change reservations,  the stroller quality is out of this world. It was clean, moved well, and was waiting for us when we arrived at the hotel. This stroller in particular was so easy to maneuver through crowds, even with one hand. I will DEFINITELY be using City Stroller Rentals during our next trip. Their quality & pricing cannot be beat.

City Mini Double GT. I want one for every day use!

City Mini Double GT. I want one for every day use!

Enjoying our rental!

Enjoying our rental!

We arrived at the hotel a little too early to check in, however, the staff allowed us to park our car early. So we did that, picked up our stroller and headed off to meet up with Danielle in Downtown Disney. Little did I know, I was in for a surprise.

Definitely couldn’t stop crying. It was a little embarrassing. Like, went up to the ticket booth to get my pass and was still crying. Thank goodness for sunglasses.

Fast forward to the next day!

I FINALLY got to see the amazing eggs in person at Big Thunder Ranch! We also got to pet the sweet baby goats, Bernard & Bianca. There were some great goat pictures taken by Danielle that she now HAS to share. More egg photos at the end of the post.

We had lunch at Rancho Del Zocalo next to Big Thunder Mt. and it was delicious! Rancho offers toddler meals of chicken & rice w/ a drink, and that was perfect for all three of our kids, who aren’t big on Mexican food. I highly recommend the baked fish tacos.


We spent all day in the park, which wasn’t ideal for our youngest’s naptime routine. That’s right. I didn’t take my own advice, and we didn’t go back to the hotel to rest. It was such a quick trip we wanted to make the most of it, but next time we will DEFINITELY go back. Our kids wanted to go to Disney Jr. Live on Stage which, right in the middle, Jax decided he had enough so I took him outside to nap in the stroller. My family, Danielle & Lauren came out shortly after and informed me that they wanted to watch the parade on the other side of the street. I rolled Jax over to the group when D decided to spring another surprise on me… Dinner at Carthay Circle!


I had the thick-cut pork chop with roasted apples and bacon cheddar grits, and a daiquiri. Darkwing Dad had the sesame soy-glazed Skuna Bay salmon, and a martini. Both meals were absolutely delicious, and the service was wonderful. It was the perfect break. Shout out to Lauren & Danielle for being in on the surprise, and entertaining our kids while we got away!


We spent Sunday doing a few final rides, and having family photos done by Danielle. Our final stop was Carnation Cafe for lunch. If you’ve never eaten at Carnation, stop what you’re doing and go. O.k., but seriously. Make a reservation for your next trip. The food is delicious and it is the workplace of a true Disney Legend: Oscar Martinez. Oscar has been with the Disney Company for 59 years, and working at Carnation since 1967! If you happen to be dining during the week, he may just come say “hello”!

When we arrived, our youngest was getting hangry, so I asked for a fruit plate when we were seated and we got it right away. Talk about service! For breakfast, I’m a big fan of “Oscar’s Choice”: scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, Oscar’s potatoes, toast and your choice of bacon or sausage with fresh fruit. At lunch or dinner, get the potato soup. It comes in cup form, but you can request a bowl full and it is out of this world. Their cheeseburgers & the sourdough bacon cheese melt are also amazing.


That’s all for now! I’m sure I’ll remember things at a later date and be mad that I didn’t post them, so you’ll probably be hearing from me soon 😉

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