Zootopia is just the movie we need right now. Disney has come up with a way to invigorate the simplest of c55463169023e916571b0361c592cd6c0f630904ideas, unity, by putting animated animals in the place of humans; creating a film that says far more socially than expected and gives us the deepest animated movie since The Lion King.

That being said, Zootopia is not without its flaws. It is a bit too long, has some out of place songs by Shakira, and does not always showcase the greatest level of animation that Disney has to offer. There seems to be an issue with properly animating water that no animation studio has perfected, and that is especially evident in the 2D version of the film.

FullSizeRender (7)There are a number of throwbacks to classic (non-Disney) films that will surprise and delight adult viewers. Actually, much of the film feels as though it was made specifically with adults in mind. Hint: Look at the backgrounds for some fun added jokes! This all contributes to creating a well-rounded film that all ages can enjoy for different reasons.

The score of the film is by the always great Michael Giacchino. There are moments in the music, coupled with the on point storyline, direction, and animation by the wonderful Disney Feature Animation Team (pictured on the left), that will give you chills.

Some sequences may be too scary for young children, but overall it is suitable for all ages. I have seen it both in 3D and 2D and I must say the incredible level and detail of animation is best seen in 3D. I do not say this for all films, but this is definitely one that benefits from a 3D experience. If in the Los Angeles area be sure to view the film at Disney’s own El Capitan Theatre (pictured below) for added goodies. If you are a fan of buddy cop films, animated films, escapist films, or just want a sweet, heartfelt experience at the theater, you will not be disappointed in Zootopia!

Overall film score: 8 out of 10



This post comes from our newest contributor, Rick Yantek.

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