We’ve all been there, just before leaving to go to the parks a single thought crosses our mind, “Will it still be as magical as when I was a kid?” It’s happened to me a few times. But every time, I am reminded that the parks will always be a magical place. Here are 10 Reasons why going to Disneyland will always be magical, even as an adult:
1) You appreciate all the fine food options a little more.
If you were anything like me as a child, you were a picky eater. I stuck to a strict diet of chicken tenders or mac’n’cheese. While those are still wonderful options, Disney parks have so much more to offer. You can enjoy the jambalaya from Crossroads at House of Blues, and The Beastly Burger from Rainforest Cafe, or the cold water-broiled lobster tail from Steak 55. The Blue Bayou offers pan-seared salmon and even broiled filet mignon.
2) You can actually see the parades and firework shows!
Now you don’t have to worry as much about having a tall kid stand in front of you because you can see over their heads. Additionally, Disneyland has expanded it’s nightly fireworks show into a massive spectacular that still includes all the phenomenal fireworks and magical music, but now also includes projecting all sorts of images and graphics all the way down Main Street!
3) You’re tall enough to ride ALL the rides!
If you started going to the parks as a child, then you know that awkward stage. The one where you can go on most of the rides, but not the “Big Kid” rides like Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Screamin’. Seeing your older siblings go on without you was always slightly frustrating. But now you don’t have to worry about any of that! You get to GO ON ALL THE RIDES!

4) Making memories as an adult is a little more special.
As you get older everyone gets busier. Trying to get the whole family in one spot, all at the same time proves to be pretty difficult. But nothing brings family together like a trip to Disneyland, even if it’s just for the day. Being able to enjoy that precious time with your family in the Happiest Place on Earth is worth it’s weight in gold and pixie dust.
5) You appreciate the work that goes into every little detail, because you finally notice it.
Sometimes as a kid there is so much to take in you miss a lot of the finer details. But not anymore, your keen Disney detail eye has been honed over many years of fabulous trips. You can find most Hidden Mickeys and sit back and enjoy all the tiny details that go into everything in the parks from the perfectly planted flowers to the intricately detailed window displays down Main Street U.S.A.
6) Taking pictures with the characters is still just a fabulous.
Feeling the excitement build as you walk through Mickey’s house and watching the cartoons waiting for the Head Mouse in Charge is always a highlight of a Disney trip. Taking pictures with the princesses as you walk through the main gate as you start your Disney Day will always be amazing because they are PERFECT! (a small part of you will always believe they are actually the princesses).
7) Adult Beverage Options!
This kind of goes with the fine food options, but definitely deserves it’s own category. Ralph Breenan’s Jazz Kitchen offers an incredible variety on the drink menu, but The Cove Bar by Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant has a great selection of fine wines and mixed drinks like the Poison Apple-tini. Also, Carthay Circle Lounge is serving a special Carthay Diamond Manhattan and Carthay Diamond Martini to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary! And those are only a few options!
8) You can take your time!
As an adult you don’t have to go on every ride or see every character because sometimes just being in the parks is enough. You can take your time and enjoy all the little things that make the parks so special.

9) People watching is the BEST!
Need I say more? There is nothing like people watching in the parks. People from all over the world come to the parks to make memories and seeing their excitement and joy as you sit on a bench with some fresh Dole Whip is awesome!

10) You can see the excitement on children’s faces and know exactly what they are feeling because you felt it first time you walked into the parks too.
Even though you are older, it doesn’t make the parks any less magical. The magic is just a little different for you. For me, nothing is more magical than seen children’s faces light up as soon as they see the turnstiles, as soon as they see their favorite princess, or as soon as they see Mickey. I had those same feelings my first trips to Disneyland, and still feel that excitement every time I visit the Magic Kingdom. That is why the Disneyland will always be magical for me.

Let us know what keeps the parks magic alive for you!


Thank you to Kellie Hustedde for this wonderful article!
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